Digital Signage and Marketing

Our JukeVision jukebox doubles as a powerful digital signage platform that you control completely.  You upload your own images and videos to create slideshows, banner and tower advertisements, or just put up your logo in the corner to brand your TVs.  Our management application allows for complete control over your digital signage configuration.  You can even sell advertisement space on your TVs to other local businesses!

Easy and Powerful Templates

We include in our digital signage package an easy way to upload your own images and videos and place them into our template editor so you can be up and running advertisements in minutes.  We currently offer 5 templates to choose from: 1) Logo Only 2) Logo and Ticker 3) Tower and Logo 4) Tower and Logo and Ticker 5) Full-screen slideshow

Email Acquisition

When your guests check into your JukeVision jukebox, they are subscribed to your venue’s email list.  Each week on Monday morning, we send you an updated email list for your venue so you may use in your email campaigns to market your venue’s upcoming events, specials and other news you may want to share with people that have been to your venue.  Please note, users can opt-out of the email list at any time in our app.

JukeVision - Yes
Traditional Jukebox - No
iPod Music - No
Streaming - No

Contact Us Now for a Demo!

Would you like to see more and have a personalized live demo?  We offer remote demos of our JukeVision jukebox.  All you need is your smartphone and a laptop to follow us while we walk you through all the great things that JukeVision jukebox can do for you and your venue!